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What does NLP awaken in people?

NLP awakens in people of all ages, new thoughts, new insights and new skills so that they can use their minds, feelings and body to energize them to success and communicate with meaning and ease.

Neuro-Awakens an awareness of the connection between our mind and body. The mind and body are one.

our awareness to how we communicate (verbally and non-verbally).

our awareness to patterns, behaviours, emotions that are lifetime friendly.

Dr John Grinder and Dr Richard Bandler, the founders of NLP studied excellence in people and discovered the processes that can awaken the same excellence in others.




NLPawakenings provides a confidential one to one consultancy service that uses the research and findings from NLP, and cutting edge communication.

Clients can awaken in themselves:

new, positive thought patterns
new energizing emotions
new constructive behavior

that directly support their:

life goals and mission
working environment interaction and communication

NLP Awakenings provides the same service for couples/families who together want to awaken to themselves a new way of relating, a new communication to support their future.

NLP Awakenings provides a gentle consultation service for children/teens who wish to awaken new skills and thoughts to enjoy their childhood and young adulthood.

Skype username: Dazhaelan


NLP Awakenings will provide information about privacy and the ethical standards of NZANLP (New Zealand Association iof Neuro Linguistic Programming) at first consult.