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May 03

Title Moon Illusion

Posted by admin in nlp

The moon you see on the horizon appears as big as a Pizza ("...when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.." The mkoon you see up in ther day or night sky appears to be smaller than the moon you saw on the horizon the night before.

In fcat the moon are the same size.

The moon appears bigger on the horizon because we sense that it is closer to us and therefore it must be bigger.

When we have a problem it can seem to occupy our whole being. It sometimes seem bigger than we can handle. It can seem overwhelming or overbearing.

As an NLP consultant I often see people who have a problem. When their problem is personal (phobia, panic attacks, compulsion etc) it appears to them out of proportion in the context of their life. The closer the problem is to them (more personal) the bigger and seemingly overbearing.

When we run a reality check (open up their model of the world -or measure the moons) they realise that there is a great deal in their life that is "ticking over fine" (the job, their family, their cfriends, their ability to functions in spite of the problem, their ability to talk about theur problem)

This puts their "problem" in its place. This new perspective gives them new eyes, new ears, new feelings and a new path to the stars.